Communications from Maggie and Doug

Spending more time around the house

Avoiding the Covid19, so far. We have retired from the busy world of work. The world has not taken the hint, however.

The perfect addition!

There is always room for one more thing.

Great grampa Chindahl with his steam shovel, doing some serious work on the river...probably the Columbia or Yakima.

This is probably around 1915. They did some canal building and bridges; also railroads. See more on the history pages.

The crew of a sawmill near Kooskia, Idaho from around 1916.

This is from a collection of photos left by Doug's step-grandfather. They had sawmill, farm, and orchard shortly before WWI.

The boy and his carrot

Our treasured old photo is still fun; the charming little boy has grown into a strapping science wrangler.

Return to the woods

Can't wait to get up it up to the river; and give the ticks a snack.

It was 1913 and Canada had "free" land

A booklet scanned from our archives. The Canadian government was giving away the First Nations' western lands to eager settlers. They proudly claimed that the First Nations people, and halfbreeds, were all safely put away on reservations. Download the whole 65 meg. booklet for all the details.