Early WWP Photos    

In the 1980s as the ad agency for Washington Water Power moved to new quarters this folder of images was rescued from the trash can.

The collection, scanned

  The captions below are copied from the backs of the photos.

Line crew on old trolley lines. Probably around 1925 (see license). This is T.T. Reed, who was the signal system maintenance man during the years of the W.W.P. interurbans to Medical Lake and Cheney. Signal system went into service in 1910.

Great Northern Yards, Spokane about 1906

Illinois Avenue; April 24th, 1923 6:30 A.M.

Spokane Falls Gas Light Co. plant in 1899

4/1915 Range Demonstrations L to R: Charles Thompson, Driver; Miss Cowgill, demonstrator; Dick Tompkins, Ind. Engineer Packard, Chain Drive, acetylene lights. 


July 30th about 10:30 or 11 P.M., 1922



Monroe St. Plant; W.W.P. 1895

 Parlor Car-Medical Lake Interurban-The W.W.P. Co.; history of electric transporation

 Harvesting Scene, Big Bend 1908 W.W.P.


 Inland Empire System, W.W.P. Coeur d 'Alene on(?) Moscow

 Division Street Bridge. Motormen M.I. Davis and Arndt Melding

April 4, 1914 Lidgerwood and Silerly(?). A Maxwell (now Chrysler)

 1903-1905. No. 2 station, Lower Falls. Im. adjacent to C&C Mills. Gate house for old flume which powered cable cars on Left Bank. Location: Lower Falls, Monroe St.

 Scene of fatal accident to E.H. Ross May 12, 1913 at Southeast corner of 7th Avenue and Division. Figure on lefthand side of the pole represents the position of Ross while working on the arc suspension. View taken May 13, 1913 looking northeast.

February 8, 1924; 5th and Bishop Ct.; collision with motorcycle

 Libby Photo; 1931; transformer at Libby School; Pole is oil-soaked; Connections poor.

 1923; 29th Ave. substation (Replaced by Sunset substation) see C. W. Lechy correspondence

Date on the photo reads April 28-10


 File: Line Const. Historical: Ernie Elliott, Teddy Long

 1958; Big Bend line crew

1914; Building Big Bend Line; Dav. to Hartline; a post card marked property of Lee Bergman, addressed(?) to S.S. Bergman

 Geo M Messinger